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2014 Claire says:" I liked the fact that you were able to find positives in otherwise dark situations" 

17-11-2013-Shannon says:

I just want to say THANK YOU for the awesome, awesome course you offer.  I knew doing Life Coaching would help me, but I never knew to what extent.  I am very confident to say that it has changed my life.  I am now getting to a point in my life, where I can say:
*    I know who I am
*    I am happy with who I am
*    This is my life and I am going to live it Smile
*    What others think of me is their problem, not mine
*    I have been freed of so much unnecessary “nonsense”that was weighing me down
*    My soul is feeling as light as a feather, filled with peace, calm and serenity
*    As hectic as life is, and it will always be, I can control it and I can look after myself
*    I have so many blessing in life and have so much to be grateful for
*    Life is fragile, so we need to “Carpe Diem”

Bridgit says:

 View Bridget's Letter here.

27-07-2013 Mike says: "The course has made me aware that there is a much deeper me.  I am not what I thought I was- the session on values taught me how much I have changed, and am so much better than before.  I feel as a car would feel after a "tune-up"!"

24-04-2013 anonymous said:  "As a trainee coach I feel very confident to coach now- I have an increased understanding of the process and have been given many great ideas and skills as to how to approach each session- best thing I ever did!"

28-08- 2012 Kate says: " I didn't know what coaching was before coming to Cherri-it was exactly what I didn't know I needed! Allowed me to make significant changes in my life"

25-11-2011 Carmen (student) says: "This course helped me discover what I want to do with my life, and how I can get there.I accept myself more.  It really has made a huge impact on my life.  I feel it could help everyone at my stage in life"

7-02-2012  Christel says, " The coaching has allowed me to see that what I have dreamed about doing(helping, inspiring and encouraging people) is totally possible.  I can do waht I love, and also be financially independent.  This course helped me find the stability in my life which I needed"

 Heidi says the following: 

"My experience to date with doing the course with you is that:
It is so easy to let life slip past us, accepting that "life happens".  Instead by doing this course I have learnt that we can make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others, with effort and guidance.  I have learnt that you have a choice as to how you experience life and how you choose to react to circumstances."
Thanks for today, given me new hope and energy to organise my life and get on with reaching the goals I so dearly want.
Dearest Cherri. I have had such an awful day at work but got through it using tools that I have learnt in my course. I stood firm with my personal power value and incorporated my new beliefs, and I have ended what could have been a disasterous  day on a positive and powerful note.  :) Thank you for empowering me and helping me to make this change! 
 Pete says : 
'definitely the best value for money I've ever had', and 'put me on the path to where I want to be and gave me the tools to enable me to get there'.
 Karen says:
'Go for it! Use Cherri, she is wonderful,caring and gentle, but she certainly gets results'
Sue says:
"I am now empowered"
Anonymous says:
'I have learnt about balance in my life, and been given the tools to get there'
Kath (group coaching) says:
'The course made me put things into perspective, and get my priorities right'
Sandy says:
'Through the goal-setting process, I set a health goal.  I lost 11 kg's during the course of the programme.  I feel fabulous!'
Liezel (group coaching) says:
'This course is inspirational,motivating, soul searching and emotional'
Sue S says:
'What a positive experience! I would (and do) recommend it to my friends and family'
Janine (group coaching) says:
'I have found Cherri approachable, willing to always listen and to not pass judgement.  The rapport built up in our group has been incredible. The trust we have all had in you should tell you exactly how we feel about you as  a coach'





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